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Being an author is an honour every expert should aspire to become because there are so many socio-economic benefits associated with authorpreneurship.

As part of our philanthropic work to assist humanity with useful information needed for socio-economic growth, we have created a writing opportunity to assist citizens during this COVID-19 Pandemic lockdown. Our current budget is however focusing on Zimbabwean authorpreneurs but will extend to other countries when funds permit.

RCIEEN, therefore, invite applications from experienced candidates who are passionate about writing citizen-centric information for free consumption by the public. A payment of ZW$ 100 (100 RTGs) will be payable for every qualified article published. We shall do payments on a weekly basis and using bank transfer or EcoCash. Authors will therefore be rewarded following the natural principles of success we always mentor; The more useful articles you write, the better your weekly income.

To register as an RCIEEN author, please fill and submit the details required below.


  1. Authors shall only be paid on approved topics/ research arears.
  2. All authors from countries other than Zimbabwe are acceptable to register and assist RCIEEN’s philanthropic works for free.
  3. We shall check every piece of work against plagiarism. Acceptable level is 5% and below.
  4. All content shall be of acceptable standard. If your content is below our expected standard, we assist you 3 times at most, beyond which termination of engagement will take place if there is no improvement.
  5. If you produce sponsored content, tailor-made for online marketing of specific products, you keep your income for personal benefit.
  6. If funds permit, we give rewards to the most active members.


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