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Perfumes and Lotions

As part of its founding mission to promote business brands and easy shopping, RCIEEN presents Adora Fragrances, an entrepreneur company offering quality, unbeatable services, providing mega-business opportunities to citizens interested in perfume and lotion business. RCIEEN has managed to use some of Adora products with great satisfaction.

Adora Fragrances Business Profile

Services offered

  1. Manufacturing of Adora spray and roll-on perfumes, packed in bottles ranging from 10 to 100 mls.
  2. Manufacturing of Adora lotions, packed in containers ranging from 100 to 250 mls.
  3. Wholesale of Adora perfumes and lotions.
  4. Distribution of Adora perfumes and lotions to all customer locations using Courier Services. (Once you place an order, we strive to make sure that you receive the full package procured using Courier Services. This is done to minimize transport costs and customer exposure to the Covid-19 virus. Your safety is our first priority).

Business Location

Adora fragrances operate from Gweru City in Zimbabwe and has distribution outlets in Harare.


The company was formed in 2017. It started with perfume manufacturing and has grown to include lotions on their product list.

Contact Information

Retail shops and entrepreneurs wishing to place their bulk orders or get more information may contact:

  1. Mrs M. Mudzamba Bare on +263779607135
  2. Mr S. Bare on +263778812603
  3. Mrs T. Nyengera on +263773196417

Adora Products

1. Adora spray and roll on perfumes

Adora female fragrance list

Adora male fragrance list

2. Adora lotions

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