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1. Who can produce content for publishing on RCIEEN?

  • For academic and professional education material, only qualified teachers, lecturers, authors and experts across the world are eligible to send their articles (work) for publishing online.
  • For online business marketing, everybody who owns a legal business that does not violet RCIEEN terms and conditions is eligible.
  • Everybody is eligible to provide general information and entertainment material.

2. Do I benefit from online publications on RCIEEN?

  • Yes, you benefit through online profiling, crediting, and skills marketing. This increases your chances of being head-hunt for employment or business engagement.
  • If you produce sponsored content, tailor-made for online marketing of specific products, you retain your income for personal benefit.
  • Rewards may be given to the most active members, who are authors of useful information. Such people will later be recruited on fixed salary terms as formal or freelance local, regional, or international content producers, depending on their skills displayed overtime on RCIEEN.
  • In addition, your work will help to serve the global system from the long-term effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, which are likely to affect the entire world in different ways if there is no unit of purpose. Divided we lose, united we will win and conquer the world.

3. How can I get my content published on RCIEEN?

NB, all material is subject to scrutiny and verification before being published to ensure the authenticity of the content.

4. Do I need to pay for my work to be published or to view content on RCIEEN?

No payment is required, all content is published and available for free.

5. Is it possible to view RCIEEN content in my preferred native language?

Yes, it is possible to view RCIEEN site in any preferred native language using the ”TRANSLATE” option on top of our sidebar widget area (Powered by Google Translate)

6. Are donations welcome to help RCIEEN to offer free world-class services online?

Donations for provision of useful information, education, and entertainment are welcome.

7. What type of business is listed for digital marketing on RCIEEN?

We list all legal businesses, especially entrepreneurial businesses without an online presence. Refer to our terms and conditions for details.

8. Are there any content restrictions on RCIEEN?

Yes, we do not allow content that violets the RCIEEN terms and conditions on the platform.

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