In life, there are adverse situations in which you feel like a failure with all odds against you. You may have no success for a very long time with things getting worse with each day that passes, or you may show progress in life but suddenly start facing the worst situations. When you think of making remedies, you find no suitable plan or fall short of ideas.

There are so many areas that can affect you emotionally, it may be a marriage or relationship problem, rejection, extreme scarcity of money, food, or other basic life requirements, loss of Job or failure to secure one, demotion, failure to win, or achieve your goals, loss of health, accident or natural disaster. “…Despite all these things, overwhelming victory is ours through Christ, who loved us.” Romans 8 verse 37. NLT.

This article serves to redeem you from whatever situation is affecting you to become a very successful person. I meant it to help you recover from the horrible life that affects you so negatively. I tailored it to wash away your frustration, sadness, shame, fear, insecurity, uncertainty, stress, and contradiction or hindrance to success. It will help you start life afresh and be successful.

You may wonder why it is so important to start life all over again, but the fact is, God created you with dominion to be a successful person (Genesis 1 verses 26 to 28), with the power of creation, but somehow you get derailed from that path and fall victim to circumstances. So you need to refresh and reboot your life to avoid living with the worst-case scenario in which you have the power to change. A failed life has many shortcomings, which include adverse health conditions and premature death. Research shows that millions are dying globally every year because of stress, heart failure, stroke, high blood pressure, and other health conditions induced by psychological conditions. Failure to make a turnaround may cause self-sabotage, anxiety, and feeling overwhelmed.

How to start a new beginning

If you are willing to change your situation today, it is never too late. These are the things you may want to know and start doing to reset your life to factory default, which is the successful condition God created in you:

1. Accept the reality and move on

Worst situation in life
Figure 1: The worst situation you will always recover from.

When bad things happen to you, they indeed happen and create a new situation and challenge before you. Many people who fall victim to circumstances are those who spend more than necessary time in denial mode, failing to accept the reality on the ground. They cannot let go of the past and end up overwhelmed, asking themselves questions like, why did this happen to me, why did he or she do it to me, when will this situation end, and the likes, but this will only lengthen the stressful period. In most cases, thoughts become dominated by unproductive thinking, which leads to bitterness, depression, and self-sabotage.

Things happen because they ought to happen that way, and that is life, period. All things happen for a reason (Romans 8 verse 28), and there is a season for everything (Ecclesiastic 3 verses 1 to 8). Life is full of difficulties meant to strengthen us, not to destroy us, and everything that breathes experiences the same. It is not only you. So the thing is, accept reality, learn from the gruelling experience, change your perception and start thinking of better things to do to change your situation.

2. Brace yourself for change

What normally keeps people from implementing a turnaround strategy is the lack of courage, confidence, and determination to change their lives.

Negative thoughts or self-limiting beliefs dominate their minds. For example, my life is over. I can not recover from this situation. This kind is only for genius people. I do not deserve it. I am less competent to triumph. Likewise, I can not do it without enough capital. It can only be done with the help of a mentor. A strong connection is the only way to get the job.

To be honest, without the inner strength and the will to make a change, it is very difficult to implement a turnaround in life. You need to be on top of the situation and trust yourself. I once prepared a detailed article on why self-trust is the first key to success.

3. Do the activities that bring you satisfaction

Did you know God created you with a purpose, a role to play on earth? There are valuable activities that you can do with love and fulfillment. The work that restores your confidence, energy, and sense of accomplishment. Start all over by doing such activities because it helps you erase the negative thoughts that can overwhelm you. Remember the whole idea about success is to live a happy life, so if you do what keeps you excited, minutes turn into hours, days, weeks, months, and years, but the converse happens if you remain idle and thinking about your misfortunes.

Is horticulture your niche? Then plant vegetables, fruits, and flowers in the garden. If it is poultry, then start breading domestic birds. If you love online business, get yourself online and start working. I love mentoring people to be successful and live healthy lives. What is your niche?

Remember, the secret of success is the act of doing things you do with love. Focus on your strength to increase your probability of achieving your goals. Do not expect miracles if you dislike doing the work, not just work, but work you do wholeheartedly. “But so many of us do not want to do the work. And this is when things start to get messy…” Luminita D. Saviuc.

If you are a lady and running out of business ideas on what to do as part of your turnaround, you may consider these business ideas for women to keep you occupied and heal from the past.

4. Refine your new trajectory

When you do something, obstacles will always be on the way, so you need to identify those obstacles and map a way to conquer them. This all comes with planning your new life, now that you have re-energized spirit, the drive that motivates your will to execute the change.

Planning helps you to get organized and approach life with a better chance of being successful. Your plan should specify what you want to achieve, when and how you intend to achieve it, challenges, and mitigation measures. Planning helps you priorities on most important tasks and setting deadlines to accomplish them.

Planning keeps you from being used up in other people’s plans. If you do not plan your priorities, chances are that you end up doing other people’s plans. Do not wait for the perfect opportunity because many people lose a lot of time waiting, do not be stagnant, and do not procrastinate. Do all you can do now and leave tomorrow for the next activities. That first step is a sign of progress, even if not that perfect.

5. Give yourself time to study

Every situation that you face in life was once experienced by some people, some of which fell victims like you and others who got the victory. If you develop the habit of studying, you increase your knowledge of how to manage every situation, pivoting on success stories of the genius. You develop problem-solving skills which increase your chances of success.

If you hope to grow financially, you may first consider studying the 30 ways to guarantee your success, the life-changing principles for every global citizen to escape poverty, and the fundamental laws of finance.

6. Pray and validate your ideas

Many people often lose when they ask others to think the way out for them. You are the best prophet to prophesy what you want in life. Why do you want validation from people? They will always tell you what they think, often pivoting on stagnating ideas. Leave people to mind their own business and follow your instincts. Take full responsibility, seek guidance from your maker for your next action steps, and follow your thoughts.

God knows what you want before you even ask for it. He has good plans for you already. “For I know the plan I have for you, says the Lord. They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope. In those days, when you pray, I will listen.” Jeremiah 29 verses 11-13. NLT. So ask and receive your salvation from the lord.

7. Find a mentor or community group

If you cannot do everything I mentioned by yourself, then you may look for an expert to help you with the situation. A mentor will help you see the situation from a different angle. I advise not to seek advice from every Jimmy and Jerk, but reputable people who have traveled the same trajectory successfully.

You may also consider joining communities of people who share the same vision as yours. This will help you to leverage vast experience, learning from diverse people sharing a common interest.

8. Align your behaviour for success

The primary reason people cannot maintain success is the lack of sustainable attributes for success. Starting a new life requires that you change your attitude and behaviour, and live the life of successful people. It requires that you master the fundamental principles of success.

This means making new valuable friends you can learn excellent things. “Walk with the wise and become wise; associate with fools and get in trouble.” Proverbs 13 verse 20. To maintain success, you need to understand the power of self-discipline. If you are employed and want to make that change, you need to understand how to become an outstanding employee.

If success is all about having lots of money and a good living, it will help if you study the 25 real facts about money.


To start a new life journey, you need to change your perception of how you see problems and take them as the means to upgrade your life skills. Configure your mind for the new life by pivoting on your strength, doing what keeps you motivated, and put all the past behind. To maintain success, you need to model yourself with the attributes for success. Above everything else, your relationship with God should be revived.