Interesting fact

After a pregnancy of 15 months, giraffes bring forth a calf that gauges 100 to 150 pounds and is 6 feet tall! In the first thirty minutes after birth, the infant giraffe lifts its weight and stroll with its mom’s delicate consolation.

The Heart of a Mother Poem

An epitome of sacrifice

No one really knows what she keeps inside

But all she does is to maintain a smile to others

Regardless of her unknown worries.

How selfless…

A source of inspiration to her offspring

Nine months gestation without complaining

With or without a supporting structure, she fights to the end without surrendering

She is a definition of Love

Encouraging her own, hoping for a better future

Indeed, she is a mentor

Possessing the peace like nature of a dove

So unconditional is her love

Reaching the extent of pretending to be naïve

In order to preach the gospel of love

Her love so contagious….

Happy Mother’s Day!