Do you know why God created you? Do you know you have a purpose in life, a role to fulfil? Are you doing what God meant you to do in life? Are you in control of what happens in your life, or you are being controlled and responding to situations you find yourself in; what life dictates on you?

One day when I was watching a cartoon called Soul with my five-year-old nephew, I really got invested in this cartoon because of the message that was being portrayed, despite not being a cartoon fan. The film revolved around an inspiring jazz musician named Joe who had a mediocre teaching job, but his genuine passion was being a jazz musician. Being in a band would finally make him whole, happy, and achieve his purpose in life. However, all his dreams came at a time he was already living far from becoming a musician. Joe was so hung up on being a Jazz player that it became an obsession that kept him from enjoying life and all it offered. This is a lesson I found applicable in our lives, too.

Our civilization was developed on the basis of the fulfillment of objectives, dictated mainly by ego (achievements, struggles for the supremacy of races, religions, ideologies, special privileges, exploitation, subjugation, enslavement, wealth, power, etc). To achieve this, people are forced to employ intellectual resources and energy (even to sacrifice all, for the whole lifetime) at the expense of different and more intelligent use. Until our days, most of the people who lived have had their minds conditioned to spend all their potential for such purposes, but most lived happily in vain.

Very few people live following their purpose in life, while the rest get dominated by an illusion, which makes it difficult for them to be happy. If there is a revelation, the state of illusion is cleared, and a lot of resources and energy becomes available for use in a different, more clever, and responsible manner, thus providing a good purpose for living life. I was just amazed that something as small as a cartoon could give me such a revelation, that life is all about enjoying the present moment.


Dancing in the raining, taking a walk, and laughing with friends are all ways to make fun and be happy. Those brilliant moments are better than the everlasting toil to achieve that big goal. We should all remember not to miss out on the enjoyment of the present because of unachieved goals that may take a lifetime to realize, especially during these pandemic periods. We should embrace every moment and understand that we will still have the power to shape our future. So just get up from that seat and go out to just enjoy this beautiful day, take a deep breath and appreciate all you have achieved so far.