I found streets flooded with figures in their formal wear,

Workers in suits exchanging golden handshakes without fear.

From a better view, I envied the hugs exchanged by young girls,

Dressed in colourful uniforms as they bid farewell.

A woman jumped out of a shuttle bus on a busy road,

Without knowing her manager will present the presentation she held alone.

Vehicles of all sizes wander in all directions.

Beautiful scenery with so much joy filled the place.

I, the silent predator, gaze from afar like an Eagle,

As Malaria, Cancer and Diabetes fail their ‘mission’.

Pregnant with rage, I found my way from the northern hemisphere,

And Nicodemusly found custody in the shadows of my weaker companions.

Mercilessly, I whipped every nation, giant or small,

With a camel thorn sharpened Sjambok.

I am a famous, silent predator.

I present my manifesto through dry cough and shortness of breath.

The underproduction of coffins is now the new economic problem.

Lockdowns are the new normal, where retrenchment is rampant.

Empty streets emerge as no-one is allowed to roam.

Officials declare normal settings at school hazardous to health, leading to closure.

The nose and the mouth finally found the right to privacy,

While the eyes remain the only source of recognition.

Doctors declare dead, hundreds in an hour, thousands in a day, and millions in a month.

I respect nobody and affect the rich and the poor alike.

Tears are ceaseless, amidst funerals that eventually become countless.

I leave crowns without the heir to the throne.

Oh Malaria, how did you lose your grip, at least you claimed a few at a time?

Cancer, the most dreaded, at least your kindness allowed family visits for comfort.

I have snatched every form of confidence away by the spike of uncertainty,

And what remains is people’s hope for survival.

I am COVID-19, the one that manifests in crowds.

Indeed, I am the silent predator.