Through all these days of agony,
We bore all this suffering and pain,
On our shoulders again and again,
And nothing could swallow that pain.

Our days are numbered,
Each day one of us is swallowed,
Tears in our eyes never dried,
Our hearts are double troubled,
Each day one of us is engulfed,
By the unknown forces of this world.

Our indestructible lines are debilitated,
Our hearts are deepened with wounds,
From us, our beloved ones are separated,
Nobody knows how tomorrow will end,
We have tried to, but we can not understand.

Only black days remain for us,
And everyone wishes for brighter days,
When we will all be freed,
From all this ruthless bondage,
That wiped all the freedom for us.

We all yearn for that day,
When everyone will sing and say,
Zimbabwe, we are free again.
In Africa, we are free again.
The entire world is free,
From the pandemic we are safe,
It is now a brighter day, a brighter day
a brighter day,
It will wash away all our sorrows,
For it will be a brighter day.”