2020 was a year of recession, mainly because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The economic meltdown experienced on a global scale can not be re-emphasized. 2021 is, however, a year everyone should recover from the losses, despite the COVID-19 battle that is yet to be won. The following are the key attributes to energies and lift your morale as you prepare for a successful year.

2021 Attributes to change your life.

1. Be creative.

Do not wait for employment opportunities to come your way, but rather look for something to do that will generate income. If you wait to seek employment, it may not come your way because things are yet to normalize because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Besides, being employed is not the best thing to do in life, but to be an entrepreneur.

Motivational quotes on innovation and creativity.
Figure 1: Motivational quotes on innovation and creativity.

2. Be persistent

Do not lose hope because of what happened in 2020. There is life after every failure, which requires your continued determination in the course of action.

Motivational quotes on persistence.
Figure 2:Motivational quotes on persistence.

3. Be resilient.

Recovering from the socio-economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic requires an elastic mindset that recuperates quickly. In the face of all that happened in 2020, stop being stagnant and move on, there is hope in 2021.

Motivational quotes on resilience.
Figure 3: Motivational quotes on resilience.

4. Be Courageous.

Be strong and brave enough to face any obstacles that will come with the year 2021. Problems are part of life, what matters is what we do to overcome them. Do not be a victim before you try.

Motivational quotes about courage.
Figure 4: Motivational quotes about courage.
Motivational quotes on risk-taking.
Figure 5: Motivational quotes on risk-taking.

5. Be eager to achieve success.

Your will power is what determines the effort you will put to achieve your goals. So be keen and love to achieve your goals.

Motivational quotes on eagerness.
Figure 6:Motivational quotes on eagerness.
Motivational quotes on enthusiasm.
Figure 7:Motivational quotes on enthusiasm.

6. Dream big

Aspire to achieve greater things and pray for God to help you. Do not limit your growth potential by not thinking outside of the box.

Motivational quotes on life dreams
Figure 8: Motivational quotes on life dreams.

7. Do the work

Dreaming big is one way to increase your growth potential, but what makes you grow is to start working.

Motivational quotes about work.
Figure 9: Motivational quotes about work.
Motivational quotes about work.
Figure 10: Motivational quotes about work.

8. Narrow your center of attention.

Make your action items clear and be sure to focus on them to achieve your goals, and in the process do not let failure divert your attention.

Motivational quotes about focus.
Figure 11: Motivational quotes about focus.

9. Be filled with determination.

Configure your mindset with the firmness of purpose to control the outcome.

Motivational quotes on determination.
Figure 12: Motivational quotes on determination.

10. Be patient

Success is not a one-day event. Be tolerant and grow gradually with time.

Motivational quotes on patience.
Figure 13: Motivational quotes on patience.