In life, there are basic laws of finance that apply to nearly every global citizen, most of which help to explain why people are suffering from poverty and why others are wealthy. In this article, however, we are going to explain only two fundamental laws of finance: the law of poverty and the law of wealth. Do not think of anything in-between because you only end up putting yourself in the comfort zone we want to release you.

The law of poverty.

This law helps to explain why nearly 99% of the world population are not millionaires. The 2020 Credit Suisse Global Wealth Report revealed that only 1% of the world’s richest people, those with $1 million and above, own 44 percent of the world’s wealth, which is nearly half the global wealth. Our close study of the 99% global population who are not wealthy revealed a fact worth to explain, which is the law of poverty.

The law of poverty applies to people who seek employment to work for someone called a boss; people who are selfish and think they can do everything by themselves; and people who have nothing to do and keep waiting for opportunities to come their way. These people are always looking for a job to earn a salary. After getting the job, the outcome is that the people stay in their comfort zone depending on the fixed salary and remain poor for the rest of their lives. This circle of events explains the law of poverty.

Figure 1: The three factors that define the law of poverty; Boss, Job and Salary.

The law of wealth

This law applies to global solution providers, the people who study the problems affecting humanity and offer solutions. These people make up the visionary and thinking class. They do not wait for opportunities to come their way, but create the opportunities and employ others to help them achieve their dreams. In return, they get sustainable income, which is not fixed but ever-growing. Also, these people are risk-takers. They believe there are several ways to solve every problem they encounter. They have faith, focus, commitment and are not afraid of failure. They consider failure as one way to learn and re-strategies. These people have a deep understanding of the roots to success and always apply the 30 ways to guarantee success,

Lessons to learn

  1. Never stay in your comfort zone and hinge your life entirely on your job, even when you are paid big bucks, but find other new sustainable ways to invest your income, lest you find yourself fired one day or work up to retirement age. When employed, remember your children will not inherit your position, they need sustainable investments to inherit when you get fired, retire or die.
  2. Never fold your hands waiting for opportunities to come your way, but be creative, think of solutions to solve human problems and implement them strategically.
  3. The key person to determine a change in your life is you. Your mindset is the first resource you need to re-configure to see life from a fresh perspective. Think outside the box to see endless possibilities outside your comfort zone. If you do not do this now, you may not escape the poverty circle.
  4. You need to make use of people to help you accomplish your goals. The unit has tremendous power. Divided we lose but united we win.