1. Connect your device to the internet.
  2. Launch your Microsoft Edge browser.
  3. Search for Grammarly using a search engine (Alternatively, Click here to access the Grammar Checker landing page easily or visit http://www.grammarly.com).
  4. On the Grammar Checker landing page, click ‘Add to Microsoft Edge it’s free’.
Fig 1: Grammar Checker landing page.

5. Get and add Grammarly extension for Microsoft Edge.

Fig 2: Getting Grammarly for Microsoft Edge.
Fig 3: Adding Grammarly for Microsoft Edge.

If your installation prompts you to sync the Grammarly add-on across your devices, give Microsoft Edge permission to sync if you so wish, to avoid signing in and customising each device independently.

Fig 4: Syncing Grammarly across devices.

6. Create a Grammarly account by signing up using email and user details, or using Google, Facebook or Apple account.

Fig 5: Grammarly signing up options.

If the browser prompts you to save your Grammarly login credentials, you can choose the ‘Save’ option to avoid login in whenever you want to launch Grammarly or ‘Don’t Save’ option if otherwise.

Fig 6: Microsoft Edge prompt to save your Grammarly login credentials.

7. Configure your Grammar Checker to customize Grammarly to your writing requirements.

Fig 7a: Grammarly prompt to configure your writing domain.
Figure 7b: Grammarly prompt to configure the writing help you want.
Figure 7c: Grammarly prompt to configure your writing requirements.
Figure 7d: Grammarly prompt to configure your writing language.

8. Finish your setup by choosing between free and premium version of Grammarly

Figure 8: Grammarly prompt to choose between free and paid version.

Congratulations, you now have a Grammarly account and Microsoft Edge Grammarly extension installed on your device. You can now start practising the art of excellent writing using the Grammarly writing assistant.

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