For ages, gender stereotyping deprived women of their right to own business. Cultural and religious malpractices are still a cause for concern in most developing regions, especially in Africa and Asia, albeit the yearly increase in the number of female entrepreneurs. Women are people with entrepreneurial abilities, which the world witnessed because of their role and economic standing in society. Modern women are fast-growing from job aspirants to job creators and equally contributing to the global economies. This article introduces many ways women can take to get engaged in business and generate income for themselves. 

Following from Roseanne Barr, the thing most women are yet to discover is that nobody gives them power, they ought to take it by themselves. The business environment is a hostile platform. Only aggressive women can get their fair share of the business market. Those who become mere housewives will remain bound by traditional malpractices and lack of self-reliance.

This modern internet era is the time for every woman to stop thinking and start doing business, which brings regular income. Everything women need is available online. According to Diane Von Furstenberg, you can only regret the things you do not do. Maya Angelou also wrote, “Nothing will work unless you do.” 

Affordable business prospects for women confined in the home

If you are staying at home with no economic activities because of unemployment, lockdown, tradition or whatever reason, do not worry. You can start a business working in the comfort of your home. Find your niche amongst the following, put all your energy and start earning from home. 


If you have land and water at your place, consider becoming a woman in agriculture. Agricultural products such as vegetables, fruits, and flowers are in demand throughout the year. Vegetables and fruits are excellent sources of essential nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, and roughage. People will always need them, as long health remains a primary concern for life. One can also practice poultry as an alternative or do both. 

Beauty salon

Starting a home shop which deals with cosmetic treatment for either men, women or both is something women of nearly all ages can do at home. You can easily turn your spare bedroom into a beauty shop. Besides, one only needs little training and basic products. If you do not have money for formal training, then look for someone with a well-experienced hand in the industry and offer a free hand for a month or two to learn how it is all done. Your success in this business mainly depends on your practical skills rather than theoretical skills.


Opening a boutique involves starting a small business to address what the larger firms are failing to provide, for example, a clothing boutique sells fashionable clothes. Think of such products that your target market wants, especially products scarce in the market. Sara Blakely once said, “I have never worked in fashion or retail. I just needed an undergarment that did not exist.” I have seen many women earning a living from selling unique fashion designs. Some are selling perfumes, lotions, and soap products by affiliating to big companies that produce the same.

Food shop

If you are talented and passionate about cooking, then owning a restaurant, cafe, or takeaway will be your niche. Find a place in your area where there is good human traffic. Build your food outlet there and start cooking quality food and providing excellent customer services that customers will always want to eat again. The quality of your food, hygiene practices, and customer care will determine your success. Douglas Adams once wrote, “To give real services, you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity.”

Daycare centre or creche

If you love spending time with kids, keeping and nurturing them, then start a daycare centre at your home. Margaret Riel said, “Being able to help someone learn something is a talent.” It will be fun and profitable at the same time. By design, this job suits women well, as the Jewish proverb says, “God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers.” 

Interior decoration store

Every woman likes to see her home unique and beautiful, to develop a pleasant sense of uniqueness. They need beautiful products that give their homes wonderful scenery. If you are skilled with art and craft, then you can design and develop interior decorations with a difference, and earn from your home shop. 

Gift shop

Operating a gift shop is one of the interesting woman’s business. Study the annual calendar and stock unique gifts that go well with each event. You can use the internet to see what to buy or conduct market research to see what the market wants at any given time. I have seen some women making unique jewellery using simple traditional material and earning a living out of that; you can do the same, be creative.

Pet shop

If you are in an area with pet lovers, you can earn yourself a living by selling products for pets. Those deeply in love with their pets can not think twice if they find unusual products for pets such as cages, accessories, kennels, clothes or even food. 

Fitness center (Gym)

To operate a fitness centre requires significant capital investment, but the returns are worth investing. Sedentary workers worldwide are always on the lookout for their health. They will not hesitate to join a local fitness centre to keep their bodies in a fit state of health, especially if there is an aerobic trainer. 


If you are an expert in a particular area, network with other women experts and offer consultancy services from home. It is easy to turn one room into an office and begin operations. Always be on the lookout for information that can earn you a living. The principle of life is that you pay for what you do not know, or get paid for what you know, so you ought to keep learning new things. “The ability to learn is the most important quality a leader can have.”- Padmasree Warrior (CEO & Founder, Fable). The least you can do with your expertise is to teach students in your subject areas. 

Internet business

The internet of things is one of the mega-trends which changed the lifestyle of people worldwide. There are so many earning opportunities associated with the internet, for example, freelance writing on websites, e-commerce, cyber cafe. The basic equipment you need is a computer and an internet connection. Ignoring online marketing is like opening a business but not telling anyone.

Word of advice before you start your new business

Do not put your worry on things that do not matter.

What matters most is to make sure that your business idea is solving a problem affecting humanity. Your business should address a lack of something on demand, or solve a problem of something in existence that people dislike. According to Michelle Zatlyn, people often worry over three insignificant worries; Someone is going to steal my idea; I need to raise venture; The media will not pay attention to me. 

Manage home and business effectively.

The social life of most women usually affects their business career. You, therefore, need to treat your business as much as you treat your social responsibilities. Balance the two. 

Know your market and market-oriented risks

Always be active in studying your market. Understand your competition and provide what your competition is not providing. Promote your products through adverts on popular platforms such as social media platforms. 

Research about where to get help for capital

If your business proposal in capital intensive, it is necessary to look for financial institutions to get help in the form of low-interest loans. However, if possible, seek to start your business small using what little you have, save and grow your business slowly without borrowing. 

Understand business administration through training programs

Workshops and training programs are of great help to every entrepreneur. Develop a habit to always take part in workshops to gain business management skills for skilful decision making. Operating a business is not as easy as anyone may think, it requires specific skills to overcome challenges and use every opportunity that comes.

Develop confidence and self-motivation

To be an entrepreneur, you need to have confidence and self-motivation, even in the face of risks or challenges. You need that spirit which helps you to see the goal and not the obstacles.

Ask for what you want.

Sometimes people miss opportunities when they want certain things because they are shy and believe everything is for sale. It is not always the case, ask politely, and you receive what you ask for free. Generous people are always willing to assist anyone in need, especially with a good business proposal. Many people started their business using help from other people. Do not be afraid to ask or get disappointed when someone says no, it happens in life. 

Never let the fear of failure overcome your faith in success.

“If you can not fly then run if you can not run then walk if you can not walk then crawl, but whatever you do, you have to keep moving forward.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

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