There seems to be light at the end of a tunnel for seasoned writers and authors of information and education material. Life has never been hinged to the internet platform as it is right now. Covid-19 social restrictions have forced systems, processes, and procedures to migrate online. With all eyes on the internet platform, there is an expanded demand, which presents a tremendous market opportunity for writers and authors of online content.

Having a dream to become one of the most successful writers is one thing, writing interesting material is another thing, while editing, publishing, and marketing the content is the most difficult and expensive part. It requires vast sums of money to pay editors and publishers, which is one reason a lot of talent is lost and never recovered. Real Citizen Information, Education, and Entertainment Network (RCIEEN), a brand new global entrepreneur network present a free online platform for all writers to publish their content systematically at absolutely no cost, to unlock their potential before the information-hungry public.

Why aspire to become a seasoned author

Revenue generation

Writing and monetizing useful material can generate good sums of money, which can be an excellent source of income for a living. Copywriting is one way to increase your revenue. With copywriting, you write about information that promotes certain goods or services for public consumption and get paid by the beneficiary companies. Earning from royalties is another way to make money. After developing your writing skills with us, you can expand your territory and start writing physical and digital books for sale. You, therefore, earn royalties each time there are online or print sales of your work, thus providing you with lifetime residual income. The late James Michener averaged over $1,000,000 royalties on his fiction books. Hugh Howey, a science fiction author, reported on CNN that he makes a 6 figure income from royalties most of the months, from his best-selling e-books. As an author, you can make up to seven-figure income, depending on the quality of your material, your audience, and the rate of publishing your work.

Built-up of reputation and honour

When you write authentic and useful information, which adds value to people’s lives regularly, you become a reputable source of information. This gives you tremendous credibility compared to your peers. People will value and honour your opinion in your area of specialization and treat you with high esteem. Writing wonderful material adds weight to your business brand and personal profile. Your business or career will therefore grow, undoubtedly.

Opening of doors to masters of the industries

Being an authorprenuer helps to broadcast your knowledge and ideas to the leaders and key people who influence decision-making in your society or area of specialization. Being connected to a few influential people brings more value compared to a multitude of lowly graded followers on social platforms. Skilfully written work will be your voice to unlock connections with the masters, who will end up endeavouring to work with you, knowing your competences in certain areas of interest.

Increased potential for media coverage

Content producers ranging from journalist to authors of original material normally rely on well-established figures or specialists in the society as their valuable sources of information. So if you become an established figure through your authorship, you increase your chances of being quoted by media experts. This brings fame and the establishment of your name as a household profile. On large events, you will be one of the reputable top market experts invited to present valuable information, which improves your public relations ranking even further.

Improved business opportunities

When you are running a business, writing articles that speak to your business products is an advertisement with the potential to bring new clients. In addition, top market clients normally want to partner with skilled, valuable, and reputable personalities or businesses. In addition, your ability to craft a piece of work that not only communicate your idea or profile, but connects with the reader helps you to stand against competition, be it for a job vacancy, a business tender or academic scholarship. Poor writing skills can be detrimental to whatever career you might dream of and make it difficult for your application to stand the competition. I have seen highly skilled workman failing to get the promotion they deserve because of their poor writing and communication skills.

Opportunity to help others

When you are an expert in certain areas and believe someone somewhere can benefit from the knowledge, then it is better if you become a writer to share the information. Information put in black and white is very influential in changing people’s lives for the better, and you can do this at absolutely no cost with RCIEEN because all you can spend is your time and energy. If you are consistent in writing useful work, it motivates us to help you with internet data for research.

Attainment of personal satisfaction

In life, happiness often comes with each piece of work that you finish. Joy is inevitable each time you accomplish a task, producing useful and unique work, showcasing your creative side to the entire world. It brings a sense of accomplishment and gratification, knowing that someone will benefit after reading your work. Imagine how storytelling can entertain or inspire people, how novels can move, or how education articles can simplify the understanding of fundamental ideas. As an author, you always experience a lot of rewards and satisfaction because of your valuable work.

Independence and flexible work schedules

If you want to become a full-time author, you have the flexibility to choose a work style of your choice. You will be your own boss, setting your own goals and targets to accomplish at your own time. You will be at liberty to choose where and when to work, and who to work with. Working at home in the comfort of your pyjamas will be the best experience you can ever imagine, especially in these pandemic times. If you want to become a part-time writer, you also have this flexibility and independence outside of your normal work schedule.

The building of a legacy

Outstanding scientists such as Albert Einstein (1879-1955) and Isaac Newton (1642-1727), wrote useful scientific material, which everybody in science is still referring to up to now. Similarly, William Shakespeare (1564-1616) and Charles Dickens (1812-1870) are household names of all times in English writing. So putting all you know best in black and white is a better way to leave a legacy that people will still remember you for.

RCIEEN’s insight to potential authors.

Authorship is just like any other field of work, you reap what you sow, and at the right time. So if you want to become a freelance writer, do not expect to earn a bumper harvest right out of the gate. It may take you time to penetrate the market, depending on your quality of work, ability to use multi-media, rate of publishing, and marketing.

Lack of success in the early days augmented by the writer’s block often kills the spirit to keep writing. If you encounter the writer’s block, you get stuck and run out of words and lose track of the storyline. Faced with such a condition, just take a little while to refresh your mind and go back for a rewrite. Never get challenged to the extent of abandoning a bright writing career, which you can work without retirement, since writing requires no physical stamina, and cost you practically nothing. Be strong and courageous, do not be afraid or lose heart (Joshua 1 vs 9 or 1 Chronicle 22 vs 13).

Our last but important word of advice is that, whatever you may do, do all for the honour and glory of God (1 Corinthians 1 vs 31). Please share this article if you find it useful.